The hallmark of Darussalam is that it is the only publishing house in the world that has translated the noble Quran into 23 major languages of the world. Today Darussalam has a famous brand power in the Islamic world where it is known for its authenticity and also used as a referral material in the entire world.

QAISER DARUSSALAM Publications – Frontier in Islamic Knowledge

The Lounge
Qaiser Darussalam Publications bookstore is an Islamic boutique bookstore which houses a myriad of noteworthy Publications from Darussalam Publications of Saudi Arabia. Alhamdulillah, as of recent we have been awarded the Malaysia branch status by Darussalam. We offer books ranging from various categories including Aqidah, Fiqh, Worship, Quran and tafseer, Quran and Science, hadiths, Dhua’s and Supplications, Seerah and Biographies, Comparative Religion, General Islamic books, books specifically for women, children books and we also offer various selections of Islamic electronic devices & Islamic games for children and adults. We also carry our own interactive tool called the Baby Qhaleefah Interactive learning series. In addition, we are proud to showcase Qhaleefah Ilm’s Islamic educational tools and materials for children namely flash cards, softbooks, stickers and books. Apart from that, we also offer a wide variety of Islamic wear and materials ranging from abayas, jubahs, prayer mats, prayer dresses, hijaabs and more.

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